Malign information influence in the U.S. elections

Om seminariet

Past U.S. presidential elections have been targeted by malign information influence attempting to create distrust in election results. What are the main concerns ahead of this year's elections? What lessons were learned, and what is being done to protect the 2024 U.S. elections?

Tid och plats

27 juni, klockan 14.30-15.30
Adress: Strandgatan 16 (Liljehornska husets innergård)




Michael Weiss, English-language editor of The Insider, coauthor of The New York Times Bestseller ISIS
Jakub Kalenský, Deputy Director of the Centre’s Hybrid Influence COI, Hybrid COE, Helsinki
Andrea Liebman, senior analytiker, MPF
Katarina Tracz, Moderator och vd, Solomós Communications