Psychological defence is strengthened within NATO

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The flags of NATO and Sweden

Sweden is now a member of NATO. This will reinforce our security and we contribute to the security of other NATO allies. Our agency and Swedish psychological defence enable NATO to develop completely new defence capabilities

For several years, NATO has shown interest in Swedish psychological defence capabilities, which has already laid the foundation for important cooperation. Our staff are already present at the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Riga, which is a Swedish contribution to the alliance’s capability development.

Today, we collaborate with NATO within psychological defence planning, producing situation reports and assessments of threat actors and vulnerabilities in the information environment. The Psychological Defence Agency works on both a deep and broad front to contribute to capability-enhancing activities, particularly through exercises and training, fully in line with the way in which NATO works. This builds security.

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7 March 2024
Last updated:
15 March 2024