What is the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency doing due to the elevated terror threat level?


The Swedish Security Service has raised the terror threat level from elevated (3) to high (4) on a five-level scale. This increase is not due to a single event, but is intended to function as an important signal to societal actors about the importance of continuing their work to reduce the risk of a terrorist attack occurring.

The Swedish Psychological Defence Agency is well prepared

The Agency’s preparedness was already at an elevated level before the terrorist threat level was raised. This was due to the invasion of Ukraine and the Care of Young Persons Act campaign in which the Swedish social services have been accused of kidnapping Muslim children.

The Swedish Psychological Defence Agency has an organisation in place that is well equipped to respond to and handle the changed security situation based on our area of responsibility,” says acting Director General Magnus Hjort.

What the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency is doing

The Agency’s work on account of the elevated terrorist threat level can be summed up in the following points:

The Swedish Psychological Defence Agency:

  • provides continuous support to the Government, the Government Offices and other public authorities. We regularly inform these actors and collaborate closely, particularly with the Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Police Authority.
  • has reinforced its preparedness and is therefore able to provide 24/7 advice and support to its own organisation and other actors.
  • has reinforced its capacity to provide support and answer questions from the public and media.
  • collaborates with civil society actors.
  • adapts its own gathering and exchange of information based on the change in threat.
  • works continuously on operational monitoring and has put relevant staff functions in place.

Facts about The Swedish Psychological Defence Agency

The Swedish Psychological Defence Agency identifies, analyses, and supports the response to foreign malign information influence activities and other misleading information directed at Sweden or Swedish interests.

The Agency does not monitor actors in the Swedish information environment since in Sweden we have constitutional freedom of expression. The Agency focuses on foreign actors who mislead with malicious intent in order to harm Sweden.

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18 August 2023
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15 March 2024