Public-sector actors

The Psychological Defence Agency leads efforts to coordinate and develop the operations of agencies and other actors within Sweden’s psychological defence. We shall also support such activities and contribute to strengthening the resilience of the population.

In order to disseminate knowledge and work collaboratively, the agency has identified actors at the local, regional and central levels that are of particular importance for Sweden’s psychological defence.

The agency is in dialogue with representatives from large municipalities, all county administrative boards and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. Training such as talks, exercises and meetings at which we share information is held regularly.

In order to develop Sweden’s psychological defence at the regional level, the agency collaborates with the county administrative boards and regions. The agency currently has ongoing contacts with over 20 county administrative boards and regions and, in addition to ongoing contacts, the agency holds talks, exercises and information meetings at the regional level. If necessary, the agency also provides support in the form of strategic dialogue with county management.

The agency’s training initiatives include talks and exercises. Information meetings are also held when necessary. The agency also works to promote ongoing collaboration with the ten agencies that bear sectoral responsibility within civil defence.

Collaboration request

The agency leads efforts on coordinating and developing the operations of agencies and other actors within Sweden’s psychological defence. We do so by means of ongoing contacts, talks and exercises. If needed, we also hold information meetings.

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