For private individuals

What is your responsibility?

As a private individual, you have an important role to play in Sweden’s psychological defence. Here, you will find information about your responsibility and why antagonistic foreign powers want to try to influence you specifically.

Kvinna håller i mobiltelefon.

Improve your knowledge

By improving your knowledge and learning to recognise and deal with disinformation, you help to protect Sweden. On this page, you can deepen your knowledge and strengthen your resilience.

Tips from the handbook Dont be fooled.

Frequently asked questions

Psychological defence is society’s common capabilities for identifying and resisting malign information influence. Find frequently asked questions regarding our remit here.

Theme library

Our remit covers numerous subject areas. Visit our theme library and learn more about these areas and why they are important for the psychological defense.


An important part of our remit is to monitor, order and convey research and other knowledge enhancement in matters concerning psychological defence.